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Innovative Legal Counsel


Provider of Counsel for Intellectual Property, Trademark and Patent Litigation

The Dale Jensen Difference

  • He is an attorney

  • Dale has helped more than 750 inventors worldwide with patent filing and litigation

  • He has a master’s in computer and electrical engineering

  • Dale is experienced with United States Patent and Trademark Office

  • He has 20 Years of experience as an engineer

  • Dale is dedicated to providing confidential, detail-oriented representation

  • He has a Bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering



Patent Litigation

Trademark Litigation


Unfair Competition

False Advertising

Digital Intellectual Property

Copyright Litigation

False Advertising Litigation

Unfair Competition Litigation

Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney in Charlottesville,Virginia


If you are an intellectual property owner, he can assist you in licensing, assigning, and/or enforcing your legal rights.

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