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Business Law

It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney before you start your business or as soon afterward as possible.  New business owners who are unfamiliar with the law might not choose options that are in their best interests.  For instance, you might be tempted to form a C or S corporation for your business, rather than a limited liability company.  In reality, whether you envision your bisiness as small or large, the LLC structure provides you with the greatest benefits and flexibility.  Based in Staunton, Virginia, I advocate for clients throughout Virginia, including the Charlottesville metropolitan area. So if you have business formation or general business law concerns, come today for a free consultation.


Throughout my career as a business formation lawyer, I have represented clients regarding a vast array of business issues, from initial organization to dissolution.  I have also gained tremendous experience handling a great variety of business transactions, litigating as necessary to protect my clients' rights.  My broad base of knowledge means my office operates as a one-stop shop for my clients.  Whatever your Virginia business law needs, I likely have a solution for you.

Dale can help you with:

Business formation

Business reorganization

Business transactions

Partnership disputes

Business dissolution



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